About Us

Founded in 1974 and originally organized as Link Solar, AMECO is one of the oldest established solar companies in California. Since its inception, AMECO’s goal has been to provide cost effective and reliable solar energy solutions to residential, commercial and municipal clients in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Partnering with reputable solar manufacturers, we offer high quality solar electric systems (often referred to as photovoltaic or PV), solar pool heaters, and solar hot water systems. During nearly 40 years of business, we have installed thousands of solar systems in the area making AMECO the local solar expert of Southern California.

AMECO’s Solar Services

AMECO manages every part of the solar installation process so that our customers can make an easy and painless transition to using solar energy. From start to finish, this includes the following:

- Designing the solar array to provide many years of reliable energy production
- Installation of the solar system by trained professionals
- Pulling permits and arranging inspection
- Filing rebate and incentive paperwork
- Providing maintenance and servicing

We also offer zero down solar loans, leases and financing that will help fund your solar system installation. Be sure to ask one of our solar consultants about solar financing during your solar evaluation.

AMECO’s Solar Systems, Panels and Products

As a pioneer in the solar field, we have witnessed the industry evolve and expand greatly in the past 39 years. During this time, we have honed our approach to solar system design and have become well versed in solar technology from solar panels and collectors to inverters, pumps and storage media.

Our experience allows us to provide solar systems with superior value, proven durability, enhanced appearance and unique versatility. Currently, we partner with the following manufacturers of solar panels and products: SunPower, Bosch-Aleo, Sharp Electronics, SMA-America, Power-One, Fronius, SolarWorld, Enphase, SunEarth, Kyocera, and Professional Solar Products.

Many solar companies only offer one type of solar system. AMECO, on the other hand, is a full service solar installer that offers three types: solar electric (PV) systems, solar pool heaters and solar hot water (thermal) systems. By helping our customers fuel their homes and businesses with solar energy, they realize significant savings on their utility bills and are able to become energy independent.

Our Dedication to Solar Energy

Since 1974, AMECO has been dedicated to the concept that solar energy is the solution to our energy future. Solar power is a clean, renewable energy that creates no pollution and is easily obtained without hurting the environment. In contrast, fossil fuels (including coal, oil and natural gas) are limited resources that pollute the air and damage the earth when mined. For these reasons, we believe that using solar energy is simply the most sustainable option available to homeowners and businesses today.

C.H. Pope summed up our solar philosophy in the following excerpt from his book, Solar Heat:

“SUN POWER is a pure gain to humanity. It subtracts nothing; the world will not be in the least impoverished tomorrow by the fullest use of visible solar heat today. We must consider that wood, oil, coal and gas are steadily consumed by use. Not only will coming generations be less comfortably supplied — a thing most of us care little about — but the drain today may produce distress in our own homes and lay an embargo on our own business tomorrow. Contrast this with the freedom of the people who receive daily gifts of fuel from the Creator, taking all they wish, all they can use, freely.”

Though written over a hundred years ago in 1903, his words still inspire us in the 21st Century and remind us why we remain committed to solar energy.

Learn More About Solar Installation With AMECO

Now that you know a little bit about AMECO Solar, you might be interested to learn more about our company. See what sets us apart from other solar contractors or read about our qualifications and credentials.

Request a solar evaluation with one of our solar consultants to see how a solar system would benefit your home or business.