Solar Victory in California Regarding Net Energy Metering


The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) recently voted on the current state of the net energy metering program and made a decision in favor of solar owners.

Are Thin-Film Solar Cells The Future Of Photovoltaics?


Scientists at Purdue University in Indiana, have used light diffraction properties in gemstones to increase the efficiency of thin-film solar panels.

INFOGRAPHIC: The History of AMECO Solar


Happy Anniversary to AMECO Solar! This year our solar installation company is celebrating our 40th anniversary. That’s right, forty years! We’ve officially made it over the hill, and are taking a look back on the history of our company.

Top Four Types of Solar Energy

Ivanpah in the So Cal Desert

Solar electric panels are the most popular type of solar technology installed by Californian homeowners and businesses. However, there is a whole world of solar energy outside of solar electric systems! We discuss four types in this blog post.

Solar Helping Educational Institutions Cope With Budget Cuts

U.C. Riverside will soon have its own 3 megawatt solar panel installation. Photo: Wikimedia user Amerique.

Many educational institutions, such as the UC Riverside, are turning to solar energy in order to cut expenses and focus more funding on students.

What are the Solar Options for Low Income Families?


Low income residents in California have a couple options to help make solar panel installation affordable.

Update on Net Metering in California


Earlier this week, Commissioner Michael Peevey of the CPUC announced a 20 year grandfathering period for current solar customers who are enrolled in net energy metering programs. This important decision in California is expected to affect similar debates in other states.

How California Can Continue its Solar Energy Growth


California lead the nation in solar energy installation in 2013. Our state can remain a solar leader in 2014 by focusing on incentives and reducing soft costs.

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” on Climate Change


This past Sunday, Bill Nye went on the NBC News show “Meet the Press” to discuss climate change with Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, a representative from Tennessee.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Three Solar-keteers


Solar energy comes in three different forms, all of which amount to serious savings for homeowners and businesses alike. If you’re unclear why so many Southern Californians have made the switch to solar, check out our new solar infographic featuring the swashbuckling Three Solar-keteers!