Customer Testimonials

During forty years in the solar business, AMECO Solar has helped many happy customers go solar in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, and throughout Southern California. Our customers appreciate our honest, low pressure sales approach and how we take the time to educate them about solar.

We aim to provide stellar service from the solar customer’s initial contact through the installation or any maintenance needed afterwards. This way everybody tells a good story about their experience with AMECO and solar energy when the job is done.

But, you don’t have to take our word for it! Scroll through written reviews from our cherished customers or watch one of our customer testimonial videos.


They system is currently at 3400 kilowatt surplus . . . my bill is in the negative and I will probably never have an electric bill again. I checked Better Business ratings and how long they have been in business, and AMECO came up at the top.

Solar is the future, you will always have the sun and electricity is just going to get more expensive. As the price goes up, that much more you save.

– Jim Noss, Solar Electric

We started looking around, we went to a few other companies and it just seemed like they were trying to get on the bandwagon to do solar.

So, when we found Pat with AMECO, he had been in the business for years and had a lot of experience. I also found out that he was connected with the lobbyists and he was doing a bunch of the negotiations for solar…and that impressed me.

– Richard Bowman, Solar Electric

We’ve saved on average about $100 a month…so I have good statistics and have saved a lot of money. A friend who lives in Torrance, he said “Don’t even get estimates from anyone, the best one is AMECO.”

The crew is their crew, they are very professional and work hard. They’ve been in business since 1974, I would challenge you to find another solar business that’s been in business that long.

– Carl Morrison, Solar Electric

My electric for the first 6 months this year was $2.56 per month.

Pat not only knows the trade, he’s a representative of a board that testifies in Sacramento on behalf of the solar industry. He knows solar from the ground up, he knows the technology and he’s always up on the latest, state-of-the-art stuff.

– Jerry Shultz, Solar Electric and Solar Hot Water

Our 30 panel SunPower system has been online for 9 months now and it’s even better than what we expected. We have bills that people can’t believe, about $1.65 a month. Most of the time, we are storing additional electricity that can be used later down the line within the year.

The people at AMECO were really easy to work with, no pressure sales…it really was a no brainer.

– Fabrizio Pachano, Solar Electric

AMECO Solar was clearly above the rest for several of reasons. Pat knew the business, he gave me a lot of details about the background, the pros and cons of different manufacturers of the solar panels…and how to analyze cost effectiveness. This was something that none of the other representatives from the other businesses did to my satisfaction. They did not have the depth or breadth of knowledge of solar photovoltaic systems that Pat did.

– Dale Stuart, Solar Electric

At least two times if not three times a day, I’m out watching the meter run backwards, which makes me extremely happy. Also, I’m getting about 50 kilowatts a day, which is more than I use.

When the AMECO person came out, they were very honest and they gave me what the cost was, they knew the product, they knew about solar energy and I felt very comfortable.

– Jim Rheins, Solar Electric


First off, let me start by telling you how much I absolute LOVE my solar panels!!! AMECO installed my panels and our hope was to bring it down to the Tier 1 Level, but we have had one negative month and almost all the other months have been approximately $2 to $3/month. How wonderful is that?

– Patti Nishimura, Solar Electric

This was the third time I have used AMECO and have referred three friends. The owner, Pat, is very knowledgeable and keeps current on all laws and regulations with solar power. I had one warranty issue and it was resolved in a couple of days and I was back to creating electricity. I highly recommend the AMECO team.

– Richard Bowman, Solar Electric

I have significant personal experience with home remodels, contractors, and general construction and AMECO set the bar for service and expertise in their area. I am an electrical engineer that is an expert in space solar power systems and AMECO’s expert knowledge of the solar technology and solar power systems were absolutely top notch.

– Marty Skredsvig, Solar Electric

Pat Redgate is an excellent solar contractor. Six of my relatives/friends have also used AMECO for solar PV. Go solar!

– Jerry Schultz, Solar Electric

AMECO Solar is an excellent company all the way around. The installation crew was prompt, courteous and finished the job quickly. All the communication that was necessary during this process was great. I never had to wait very long for a response from David. Once I even got an email from the CEO addressing a small concern I had!

We recently received our first Electric Bill that included the entire month on solar, and there were NO electricity charges at all! (But Edison still charged us $1.74 for “usage”.) We feel so good about having solar now. When we retire it will help our budget immensely not to have that whopping $250 a month bill to SCE. Thank you AMECO Solar, and all of your fine employees for a job well done!

– Linda Cron, Solar Electric

Great product and outstanding customer service. I’ve had my solar system for over 5 years now. The installation went smooth, and the system is performing better than projected. I highly recommend Ameco Solar.

– Councilman Gary DeLong, Solar Electric

We were very well pleased and have recommended AMECO to others. Our electricity bill went from $3,000 per year to just $105 per year. The installation takes up only about 15% of our roof area. We think this country should be energy independent. Solar power provides load leveling, particularly on hot sunny days. It’s in the best interest of the utility company to foster its use.

– Thomas Moulson, Solar Electric

AMECO designed and installed both a 4kw solar photovoltaic (solar electricity) system and a custom designed hot-tub heating system. The photovoltaic system works perfectly, and has reduced my electric bill to roughly $2 per month (that amounts to the ‘rent’ SCE wants on the electric meter). And they did all the State paperwork for the rebate! The hot-tub heating system had some teething problems (no surprise for a custom) but now works fine.

– Linda Lane, Solar Electric and Solar Pool Heater

My installation was just completed about 4 weeks ago. Everything was awesome. The planning and attention to detail was beyond my expectations. The installation was perfect – not even visible unless you’re on the roof! I’d interviewed some other companies and was totally turned off by the high pressure sales techniques. AMECO was straight-forward and seemed to really understand the entire system, my needs and the industry much better than anyone else. I would HIGHLY recommend.

– Geoff McIntosh, Solar Electric

We could not have asked for a more professional & knowledgeable contractor. In addition, the personnel were available to answer follow up questions in a timely manner even AFTER the job was completed and paid for. It is rare that we have had such a positive experience with any contractor. We would highly recommend them to anyone seeking solar panels.

– Ellen Cohen, Solar Electric and Solar Pool Heater

Pat, David, and all the folks at AMECO were awesome to work with. I had several estimates to install PV on my house and AMECO was BY FAR the most reputable, straightforward, and upfront of the companies I dealt with. There were no high pressure sales tactics or shady “You have to decide today in order to get this price” pressure.

I can’t say enough positive things about AMECO. Pat’s been in this line of work for 36 years and knows everything there is to know about solar. (Did you know that certain types of panels are better suited to inland locations and others for coastal? No other installer I talked to did!) I recommend them without reservation!

– Brett Stratton, Solar Electric

From John, the sales guy, to David, the ops manager, to the crew that really went above and beyond to deal with a challenging install, I was extremely impressed. No high pressure sales pitch, just lots of client education. Every question I had (and I had many) was answered to my complete satisfaction, and very quickly. When you are laying out a big chunk of change, you want your high expectations to be met. Mine were.

– Janet Spiegel, Solar Pool Heater

In my experience, AMECO’s staff is exceptional. They are extremely knowledgeable and considerate. They are genuinely interested in customer satisfaction and the long-term success of the systems they install. My advice: don’t install a solar system without consulting them first; you’ll be glad you did.

– Dan Inskeep, Solar Electric

The best and most knowledgeable solar outfit in Southern California. They installed both solar heat and solar PV electrical systems for me. My hot water and electric bills went to peanuts. There is no maintenance (except occasional hosing off the dust off the panels) and always high reliability. They tackled very difficult location and angles, with delicate roof tiles.

– Harry Pope, Solar Electric and Solar Hot Water

AMECO designed and built a very sophisticated solar system utilizing both photovoltaic and hot water energy technologies for my home. It has never given me a problem. 11 years later it is as well as when it was first installed.

– Chris Wacker, Solar Electric and Solar Hot Water

My experience with this contractor has always been excellent. They are punctual, do excellent high quality work and are instantly responsive to any requests for follow-up. The owner of the company is well known and highly respected in the industry. I would not hesitate to recommend them for any PV or solar hot water heating system work. An EXCELLENT contractor!

– Alan Shadbourne, Solar Electric

AMECO Solar is the best solar company in the business. They have been around since 1974! Go ask any other solar company how long they have been around. If your roof starts to leak 20 years from now, do you think the company that has been around for the past five years will be around?

They were professional, thorough, and they knew what they were doing. I stopped the river of money going to SCE and I highly recommend that you do the same by having AMECO install a solar system on your house. FYI…I am not a friend or relative of someone who works at AMECO and they did not pay me to give such a glowing review. They actually earned it.

– Tim Rosenfeld, Solar Electric

Our September 2013 installation went very smoothly. We had our roof replaced at the same time. The solar installation crew worked closely with the roofer. Overall it was a positive experience. Everything went along on time and as promised. I am very pleased with the result.

To friends and family who have asked us about our solar panel installation we received our first full month’s billing from the Robber Barons of electrical power. It is $24.79 + $1.76 tax for a total of $26.55, down from $353 for the same period last year. We’re happy!

– Ralph Schack, Solar Electric

Was very impressed with your crew that came out – a lot of teamwork!!! They made sure ladders were always locked in place and testing them before climbing on them, communicated with each other and us in very professional manner. Very conscientious about cleaning up after themselves.

– Lori Ramsey, Solar Electric

I was very pleased throughout the process with the professionalism of all of Ameco’s employees. Everything was done on time, communication was good, they worked neatly, with debris cleaned up at the end of each day, and cooperated with the other parties involved regarding scheduling and inspections.

This solar system is a net metering system, so I look forward to getting a little money back at the end of each year from my utility provider, since I believe the system will generate more electricity than I will use.
– Peggy Brutsche, Solar Electric