Solar Electric

The math is actually pretty simple. In most cases, if your monthly electric bill averages more than $100, you’ll save money every month with a solar electric system.

Even if you finance the cost of your system, the loan payment plus your new, lower electric bill will be less than your previous statement – and locks in your new energy rate. This means your savings start immediately!

AMECO Solar has partnered with SunPower® as a SunPower® Premier Dealer to provide you with the most efficient solar panels available. Using their patented Maxeon™ solar cell technology, they capture more light than any other solar cells on the market. Meaning SunPower® solar panels are extremely high performing, even on cloudy days or other lowlight times of the day. Because they are so efficient, you can generate the same amount of clean, renewable energy with a smaller amount of SunPower® solar panels than with other brands.

Now you can supply electricity to your home with nuclear power from a reactor safely located 93 million miles from earth, the sun! This source of power is infinite, plentiful, distributed and nonpolluting.

A tremendous value of grid connected solar power is the ability to peak. In the middle of the day is when you get maximum power generation and this happens to be when utility systems have the highest load. The use of solar power matched with conventional utility systems can drastically reduce the need to build more fossil burning, polluting power plants.

In fact solar power has become so complementary to the utility grid that utilities are helping defray the cost of installing solar power by offering generous monetary contributions towards the purchase of solar power systems.

Since 1974, AMECO SOLAR has recognized solar as the most environmentally sound and economical method for generating power. We employ solar energy to complement your existing energy system while striving to achieve maximum savings. Our intention is to provide you with a system tailored to your budget and needs.

When comparing your equipment choices, the answers are usually easy to come by. But when you need information on the installing company, comparisons are sometimes more difficult. Do your research.

Know the background of your Solar Electric or Solar Pool or Solar Water installation partner – Before You Sign On The Dotted Line!

AMECO SOLAR wants to make Going Solar easy for you and we want you to know about our firm. We want you to make informed decisions when evaluating competing estimates.