What Is A Solar Pool

A solar pool heater collects energy from solar panels to warm water that is pumped into your pool increasing the temperature to a comfortable and enjoyable level.

Compared to electric and gas pool heaters, installing a solar pool heater is the most efficient and economical way to heat your pool. It is also easy to operate and maintain.

Read on below about the benefits of installing a solar pool heating system on the roof of your home or business.

Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

Save Money on Your Utility Bill: AMECO can design and install a solar system that will reduce or completely eliminate your utility bill, potentially saving you thousands each year.

Quick Payback on Your Investment: In Los Angeles County and Orange County, heating a pool with natural gas for the normal pool season will cost about $2,000 or more. An average pool heating system costs about $5,000, so the system will pay for itself in just two and a half years ($5,000 divided by $2,000 equals 2.5).

Extend Your Swimming Season: Most pool owners in Southern California consider the swimming season to be from June through August. By heating your pool with unglazed solar collectors, you can extend your swimming season from April to November (that’s as much as 8 months!). Glazed solar collectors are able to function on cool days and if a means to reduce heat loss is used (i.e. a pool cover), you can swim comfortably throughout most of the year.

Durable and Under Warranty: Quality solar pool heating systems can be expected to last between 15 to 20 years, while gas pool heaters typically last anywhere from 5-10 years and electric pool heaters for about 10 years. Depending on the brand of solar panel that you choose, AMECO offers a 10 or 15 year warranty.

Easy to Operate: It’s extremely simple to operate a solar pool heater. Simply flip a switch to “Auto” at the beginning of your pool season and set the thermostat on the control to the pool temperature you want. At the end of the season, flip the control switch to “Off”.

Low Maintenance: The only routine maintenance you will need to do is the same as you normally do for your pool: keep the pool clean and in proper chemical balance. If you will be adding pool shock treatment or excessive amounts of chemicals, we recommend shutting off the water supply to your pool sweep and solar collectors

Environmentally Friendly: With a solar pool heater, you don’t need to worry about wasting fossil fuels. Solar power is clean and renewable, so you can enjoy your pool anytime you want . . . guilt free!


Find Out More About Solar Pool Heaters

Learn about how a solar pool heating system works or see some photos of our installations. You may also want to check out our Solar Pool FAQs that answers questions such as how much a solar pool heater costs or how long it takes to install.

AMECO offers both residential and commercial solar pool heaters at a variety of price points. Contact us to talk to a solar consultant about how you can install a pool heating system and start saving money immediately.