LADWP Solar Rebates

AMECO Solar’s service geared towards members of the Los Angeles community who want to reduce their utility bills through the use of solar power. For decades, our team has provided quality energy solutions for households and businesses tired of rising energy costs.

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power offers a rebate and net metering program that residents and business owners in the area should strongly consider taking advantage of. Folks who think that these concepts are worth investigating should reach out to our friendly staff to learn how they can significantly reduce the cost of a solar installation.

LADWP’s Solar Rebate Program

In 2011, LADWP relaunched their solar rebate program offering residents of the L.A. metro area the chance to help reduce a portion of the installation costs on a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel system. Rather than settling for higher-than-average utility costs, L.A. residents can take matters into their own hands by installing a solar array – and saving a good deal of money at the same time.

While other California utility programs have already shut down their rebate programs (such as PG&E and SDG&E), members of the Los Angeles community still have time to take advantage of the LADWP rebate through AMECO Solar. Our staff is highly familiar with the rebate program and will file the complicated paperwork for you.

How beneficial is the rebate? According to the LADWP’s official website, the residential solar rebate program is in Step 8 of 10 with an incentive of $0.40 per watt while the commercial solar rebate program  is in Step 7 of 10 with an incentive of $0.70 per watt.  When the LADWP rebate is combined with net metering and the 30% Federal Tax Incentive, the initial cost of a solar electric system will be reduced dramatically.

LADWP’s Net Metering Program

The LADWP net metering program is relatively simple. Whenever the solar panels create more energy than is being used, the meter will “spin backwards” and energy will be credited to your account. If you have excess energy production at the end of the year, LADWP will either pay you for the extra kilowatts at a set rate or credit the amount to your account for the following year.

As you can see, this net metering program can be extremely beneficial to Los Angeles residents who want to seek out alternative – and potentially profitable – sources of energy. However, it’s important to collaborate with one of Los Angeles’ top solar installation companies who understands the industry well enough to do the job right.

Why You Should Choose AMECO Solar

Installing a solar panel array is not exactly a do-it-yourself project. It takes time, commitment and professional know-how to correctly install and maintain a PV solar system. AMECO Solar has the expertise necessary to provide quality solar power solutions. As part of our services, we will file the necessary paperwork so that you can take advantage of the LADWP solar rebate programs and lower the cost of your solar system.

We believe that a customer-oriented approach is the key to getting more people interested in solar technology. We’ve been in the business since 1974, so we understand how far the industry has come and why more folks should pursue clean energy solutions. We have installations all over the L.A. area, which is proof that our customers know just how beneficial these innovations really are.

If you’re unsure of how solar power works or have any questions about rebate programs for solar electric systems, reach out to us today. Our team of helpful professionals can answer any question you may have about pricing, maintenance and everything in between. We’re one of L.A.’s leading solar installers, and we are ready to help you achieve your goal of greater power efficiency and reduced dependence on fossil fuels. Contact us today to learn more!