SCE Solar Rebates

Through the California Solar Initiative (CSI) program, Southern California Edison offers solar incentives to home and business owners who install solar panels on their properties. Rebates are offered for solar electric systems (often referred to as photovoltaic systems) and solar hot water systems, both of which AMECO Solar offers as part of our solar installation services. The utility provider also offers a net metering program where solar electric system owners can send energy back to the grid and receive credits for the overproduction.

When these rebates are combined with the 30% Federal Tax Credit, the cost of solar installation can be reduced significantly and make the investment all the more worthwhile.

Southern California Edison (SCE) and the California Solar Initiative

As of 2013, the state’s solar energy subsidy program is beginning to wind down. SCE is currently in the final step of the solar electric (or sometimes called photovoltaic) rebate program. As of September 16, 2013 the rebate program is now waitlisting all applications for the $0.20 per watt rebate. This means that those who want to get in on the benefits of the solar rebate program should act now before they miss their chance for some green savings.

SCE also offers rebates for solar hot water systems through the California Solar Initiative. Those who install a solar hot water system can expect to receive about $2,200 through the rebate program, but it should be noted that the amount varies depending on the location, shading, and other design factors.

During your solar evaluation, one of our solar experts will provide you with a document that shows exactly how much you can save with the SCE solar rebate.

Net Metering for Southern California Edison (SCE) Customers

SCE’s net metering program allows customers with a solar electric system to receive credit for any extra energy that is produced. Whenever the solar system produces more energy than is being used by the home or business owner, the meter will “spin backward” and the surplus energy will be sent back to the grid. If you overproduce energy in one month, then you will receive credit for the following month’s bill.

By enrolling in the net metering program, it’s possible that SCE customers can reduce or eliminate your electricity bill proving just how beneficial solar energy can be. AMECO Solar has nearly forty years of experience installing solar systems in the Edison territory and will be able to enroll you in their net metering program with ease.

How AMECO Solar Can Help

AMECO Solar has been in the California solar energy business for decades, and our well-trained professional staff has the skills and know-how to deliver quality installations and expertise.

First, a solar array gives you the security of knowing that your home will receive a steady supply of electricity. Rather than relying on traditional methods of power generation, you’re literally taking this process into your own hands with the support of AMECO Solar. Second, our systems are reliable and time-tested. Last, and certainly not least, your household’s or business’s environmental footprint will be dramatically reduced, thereby bringing down your carbon emissions and reducing your contributions to global climate change.

We can also help you navigate the often complicated process of applying for the SCE solar rebate through CSI and enrolling in the SCE net metering program. Additionally, our team of installers can make sure that your panel is up and running in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

We have customers all over the Los Angeles County and Orange County region, demonstrating how our solar services are truly valuable. Explore our website further to see how our solar systems, which include heating modules for your home or pool, can transform your life.

Contact us today by calling 1-562-633-4400 (562) 633-4400 or emailing to enhance your household or business with the benefits of solar power. You may also download the California Solar Initiative Handbook if you would like to learn more about the rebate program.