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August 1st Deadline Approaches for Prop 39 Grants to Schools

Proposition 39, which was approved by California voters in November 2012, contained two important policy provisions. The first one closed a corporate tax loophole that will cause the state to lose billions in extra revenue. The second provision mandates that money raised by the closing of the loopholes would be invested in other public projects, […]

EU Settles with China Over Solar Panel Trade Policies

After many months of negotiations, the European Union (EU) has finally brokered a settlement with China’s Chamber of Commerce regarding the price at which it exports solar panels to European countries. The agreement could have consequences for the U.S. solar panel market, where a similar controversy has erupted over recent years about Chinese “dumping” of […]

AMECO Solar Customers: Sarojni and Bruce in Long Beach

Location: Long Beach, CA Solar System Type: Solar Electric (PV) Solar System Details: 27 PV Panels with a Central “String” Inverter Electric Bill Before: $250 Electric Bill After: $6 Reduced by 98%! To say that Sarojni and Bruce are environmentally conscious is an understatement; the Long Beach-based couple should really be considered environmental pioneers. They […]