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solar electric, pv, residential solar, photovoltaicDo You Want up to 60% off your solar system?

We’re going to help you win the lottery!  The Anaheim Public Utility opens registration for their solar incentive program from January 15th through January 29th!  This rebate offers an additional $1.25/watt off your total solar costs which is about 20-30% of the usual system cost.  This is in addition to the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit you already get!
You must have a solar contract to register by Thursday, January 29th! This program has limited funding and if the registration exceeds the funds, they will decide incentives via a lottery system.  Previously, the funds have not been exceeded and Ameco customers have easily received their incentives.

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Meet Jim From Anaheim

Jim went solar with Ameco more than 5 years ago.  He loves his system and all of the money he is saving.  What are you waiting for?

Bad Credit?

Ameco can help you with financing that helps you save from day one with no money down.  The HERO Program finances your solar system through your property taxes giving you tax deductible payments!  Call for more details!

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