How to Choose a Solar Installer: Part 1

Once you have decided to go solar, it’s time to choose who will install the solar system. With hundreds of solar installers and contractors in Southern California alone, it can seem pretty overwhelming. By properly researching your solar contractor, you can ensure that you will receive a quality installation and your system will produce the […]

AMECO Awarded Solar Project at Long Beach Aquatics Center

The California Aquatics Therapy & Wellness Center has awarded a solar pool heating project to AMECO, a local company that is considered a pioneer and leader in the solar industry. Originally organized as the California Communities Pool for the Handicapped in 1956 by civic leader Evelyn DuPont, the nonprofit organization offers accessible and affordable aquatic […]

AMECO Customers: Rita & Nick in Huntington Beach

Location: Huntington Beach, CA Solar System Type: Solar Electric (PV) Solar System Details: 20 PV Panels with Micro-Inverters and Monitoring System Electric Bill Before: $217 Electric Bill After: $22 Reduced by 90%! Ever since the neighbor across the street installed a solar system six years ago, Rita and Nick had been toying with the idea of […]

Sun Shines on 2013 Solar Grand Prix in Long Beach

As the sun rose over El Dorado Park this past Saturday, large groups of middle school and high school students gathered for the Fourth Annual Solar Grand Prix. The event, hosted by Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske and partly sponsored by AMECO, focuses on solar energy education by challenging students to work together to a design, build […]

What is the Resale Value of My Solar Home?

If your home has a solar energy system, how does this translate into value for a potential buyer when the house is “For Sale”? Today, whenever you purchase a product that uses energy, information provided by Energy Star Label is available to make comparisons. However, there is no standardized approach to assess these features for […]

AMECO Announces Solar 101 Community Workshop

Join us for our Solar 101 Community Workshop on Wednesday, May 1 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm in Long Beach. Organized by AMECO, the workshop will teach you how to use the sun’s power to benefit your home or business.  Our team of experts will go over the basics of solar energy in addition to […]

Central Inverter vs. Micro-Inverters: Which One is Better?

Solar photovoltaic panels generate DC (Direct Current) electricity. However, almost every household and business in Southern California uses AC (Alternating Current) electricity. A solar inverter changes DC power to AC power so it can provide electricity that is suitable for use in your home or business. Also, this conversion allows you to “backfeed” electricity to […]

Solar News Round Up

As the local solar expert of Los Angeles and Orange County, we’re constantly reading up on the latest news to keep informed about the solar industry. Every once in a while, we’ll share the most interesting articles that we come across in an effort to help spread some solar knowledge. With so much speculation about […]

Our Chevy Volt Runs On Solar Energy

We’d like to take a moment to introduce the newest member of the AMECO Solar team…our Chevy Volt! The bright and bold design — done by Iconography Studios over in Los Alamitos — highlights the fact that our brand new electric car is powered by solar energy. Each evening, we plug in the electric car […]

Why Net Metering is Crucial for Solar Energy in California

For so many Californians who have chosen to install a solar electric system, the phrase Net Metering is simply a way of describing the way power from roof-top solar panels will reduce their own electric consumption and spin the meter backwards. But Net Metering also allows owners of solar systems to receive credit for clean […]