AP News: Southwest Needs Power Lines to Become Solar Hub

By Susan Montoya Bryan ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Pick any stretch of road slicing through the American Southwest. The sun beats down on the asphalt like nowhere else and heat waves distort the landscape. It’s here, in these open expanses, that experts say is a massive untapped source of energy that could meet the nation’s […]

Ameco Solar News: Solar Power Quadruples on L.A. Rooftops Since 2010

Way to go Solar, Los Angeles! “The Los Angeles Dept of Water & Power announced that solar power on rooftops in Los Angeles has nearly quadrupled over the past two years as residents and businesses tap into more of the city’s famous year-round sunshine. After long opposing third-party ownership of rooftop solar systems and affordable […]

Ameco Solar News: California Passed the Solar Gigawatt Mark

Congratulations California, it appears you have passed the solar gigawatt mark. Rewire is reporting: “According to live data provided by the California Independent System Operator (CaISO), the agency that manages the state’s power distribution grid, the state of California reached a long-anticipated milestone this afternoon (as I predicted last month). More than 1,000 megawatts of […]

Ameco Solar News: UCLA’s New Transparent Solar Film Could Be Game-Changer

“One of the holy grails of solar cell technology may have been found, with researchers at UCLA announcing they have created a new organic polymer that produces electricity, is nearly transparent and is more durable and malleable than silicon. The applications are mind-boggling. Windows that produce electricity. Buildings wrapped in transparent solar cells. Laptops and […]

AMECO Solar – Don’t Blow Your Cash!

Did you know that you will probably blow $68,982 to power your home for the next 25 years. That is a car, a swimming pool, even college tuition. Don’t blow your cash! Go solar with AMECO – a sun power premiere partner who has been solarizing California since 1974. Who else can say that? Don’t […]