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Power Purchase Agreements Unmasked

Power purchase agreements (PPAs) are another third-party financing option that has helped solar. Basically, a power purchase agreement is a contract to buy the electricity produced #Synonyms. Typically, there is no money down and it’ll be less than what you’re paying your utility. PPAs are how most big energy is financed. A power plant is […]


Our Drought Needs More Sun

It sounds like we’re saying, “This wildfire sure could use some gasoline!” But more sun may just be a big part of the answer to our drought. There are cities that don’t have running water, and it’s past time to think about making big changes. Our water problem is out of hand and our energy […]

The Permitting Thorn in Solar’s Side

Solar isn’t going to get much cheaper if we don’t do anything about soft costs.  Soft costs involve things other than the equipment and labor. They include permitting, interconnection regulations, customer acquisition, and so on.  Permitting adds time and cost to solar systems.  Plenty of communities have streamlined their solar permit process to make it […]

Does our A+ BBB Rating Mean Anything?

Did you know we’re a better business? Like we’re actually accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?  Pretty awesome, right? Not so much because what do they do?  When I was a child, I thought they were part of the government like the Department of Labor protecting worker rights.  Thank you California public education for […]

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When is the Right Time to go Solar?

The right time to go solar might not surprise you.  There isn’t a specific day like, Tuesdays when you should buy airplane tickets, or Super Bowl Sunday to buy a car.  Solar construction can happen year round, so if you’re looking for the best month… it was in March #Sorry.  March gives you the best […]

AMECO Customers: Richard in Long Beach

Location: Long Beach, CA Solar System Type: Solar Electric (PV) Solar System Details:  5.3 kW installed in 2008 & 2.1 kW installed in 2013 Previous Average Bill: $220/month Previous Christmas Bill: $600/month Present: “Having no bill at all for the whole year, makes it really nice.” Richard originally went solar with Ameco in 2008.  He was […]

Solar Day of Action Event in Los Angeles

Finally there is an event  for the Solar Day of Action in Southern California! There is a national event in DC on June 21st celebrating the Solstice and the solar industry.  It was actually really starting to bug me that there wasn’t anything in the sunny area… obviously not to the point where I would […]

Solar Roadways or Solar Snake Oil?

Are the solar roadways covered in snake oil? They did pass their traction tests, but the excitement for solar roadways is a little premature.  Is the product innovative? #Totally. Here’s a quick rundown of what the Solar Roadways phenomenon is about.  Several years back, the Federal Highway Administration funded a project for roadways that could […]

AMECO Solar Launches New Website

Trumpets are blaring and drums are rolling because AMECO Solar has a new website! Our new, fresh design was planned with a straight-forward layout that is much easier to navigate. Just one look at our new homepage and you can easily tell that AMECO Solar is a full-service solar installation company. We have options for anyone […]