HERO Makes Solar Affordable for Everyone

solar electric, pv, residential solar, photovoltaicThe HERO Program is the fastest growing financing tool in solar today.  It’s expanding to over a hundred cities this year, and makes solar possible for millions more Californians. The program finances solar projects through property taxes which creates unique benefits.  Because the payments are associated with your property, you have the freedom to move without needing to transfer a lease to the new homeowner.  Similar to a lease, HERO let’s you go solar for zero down and even better, you own the system and the tax credits!

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How Does the HERO Program Work?

Did you know that HERO financing is available for all AMECO products? Finance Solar PV, Solar Pool Heating, and Solar Domestic Hot Water with HERO!

 HERO Program w/ AMECO  Lease
 $0 Down  Yes  Typically
 Easy to Move?  Yes  Not Really
 Minimum Credit Score  No Credit Check  700+ FICO Score
Who Keeps Your Tax Credit?  YOU!  NOT YOU!

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The AMECO Difference
We’ve been doing solar for 40 years. Here’s what some of our clients have to say.
Participating Cities
Unfortunately, HERO is only available in approved cities. Ask us or check out this list.
Customer Referral Program
Know someone that wants to go solar? Make some cash and check out our referral program!