Huntington Beach Solar

Quality Solar Power for Huntington Beach

Solar Power for Huntington Beach

As one of the main beach cities of Southern California, Huntington Beach enjoys one of the micro-climates that keep temperatures moderate to cool all year long. There are a range of housing opportunities in the city and many people enjoy spending less money on air conditioning and heating because of the climate. Still, large, single family homes find that the use of electricity is relatively high because of the size of the home.

Huntington Beach SolarThis is where solar power can come in and help slash energy bills. For over 40 years, Ameco has provided the South Bay with superior solar power. In the early days, Ameco was famous for helping South Bay families heat their swimming pools. In time, we became known for providing top quality solar panels with which families could enjoy heating their water.

One of the special concerns with using solar power in the city of Huntington Beach, and this is a common problem with the rest of the coastal communities, is the salinity of the area due to proximity to the ocean. Ameco has solved this problem and can provide the best heating systems using solar power.

Our systems have been developed and designed to withstand corrosive environments. When our solar power systems are chosen as the provider for genuine solar power, our systems can be counted on to provide affordable, quality heating using a system that will withstand many years of use.

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Best of all, you get reliable service all year long. You can save money on heating costs and be happy knowing that you are making use of a renewable source of energy. For many people, this is a priority in all other aspects of day-to-day life.

Pollution Solution

One other problem with coastal cities and communities in Southern California is smog and pollution. Stop using traditional energy sources to heat a home. Invest in solar power and help reduce the pollution in the area. Ameco products have been trusted for decades to contributing to a reduction in pollution in the South Bay.

Contact our company today to get a full, free evaluation of the system best suited to heat your home or pool. Visit the website at for more information and to view the solar installation photo gallery. This is a great way to see just how attractive these systems can be for your South Bay home.