St Hedwig Pony Baseball Sponsorship

Rossmoor Solar Collage

St Hedwig Pony Baseball and AMECO Solar have teamed up to sponsor more home runs and help you go solar. AMECO Solar is a proud sponsor of St Hedwig Pony Baseball because our own children play in the league. You’ll see us rooting for the Dodgers this year!

We have many ways to help you save money and help support St Hedwig Pony Baseball.

Solar Electric PV: By far the most popular form of solar power now, solar electricity provides you with guilt free electricity and on average a 15% return on investment. With 30% back from the federal government and net metering rules changing in 2017, there has never been a better way to see how much you can save with solar electricity. If your family goes solar electric, we’ll double our check and send St. Hedwig Pony Baseball a $400 check to keep the bats swinging.

Solar Pool Heating: A great way to heat your pool throughout most the year. You’ll no longer have to wait for the pool to heat up or worry about the gas bill for heating the pool for a long weekend. Solar pool heating is the easiest way to keep your pool warm and your wallet full. We’ll also write a $200 check for St. Hedwig Pony Baseball..

Solar Water Heating: The oldest solar technology and what we originally offered in 1974. The technology has gotten better and the incentives are back from SoCal Gas to make heating your domestic water with solar better than ever. You’ll get a rebate from SoCal Gas for the installation, and we’ll write a check for $200 for St. Hedwig Pony Baseball.

AMECO Solar has its roots in the Greater Long Beach area, helping our neighbors go solar since 1974. Through our careful selection of manufacturers and employees, we have become the oldest, most trusted solar contractor in Southern California. You have many choices of whom to go solar with, and AMECO prides itself on its free estimates and knowledgeable staff. If you have any questions about solar, we’re more than happy to assist you.

Call us today and mention St Hedwig Pony Baseball and we’ll get you started with a free estimate. See you on the field!
John Allen
Office: 562-633-4400 Cell: 562-209-4734

Terms and Conditions
As of February 20, 2016, AMECO Solar Inc. will pay a minimum of $200 to St Hedwig Pony Baseball for each person who purchases a solar electric system, solar hot water system, or a solar pool heating system. Solar electric systems will pay $400 per solar system sold. Customers must be new contacts only and must mention St Hedwig Pony Baseball as referral source. Existing known AMECO Solar contacts will not be considered qualified.