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Going solar is a green energy solution that demonstrates responsibility for the preservation of your environment. You do yourself and future generations a favor when you choose solar energy. Tustin Solar is your experienced expert solar solutions partner with a proven track record spanning decades. With so much pollution being spewed around, you certainly do not need any more pollutants following you into your home. We provide expert installation services for various solar energy needs including water heating systems, central heating and pool heating.

Wide Coverage

If you live in the Tustin area or its environs, you have the advantage of securing solar installation from us conveniently. We offer a range of solar power systems from average to high kilowatt panel needs. Our network of solar providers ensures that we reach all our clients in their geographical locations with ease.

Customized Solar Systems

tustin solar panelSolar isn’t just solar. It takes an expert to recognize other salient factors that influence the choice of installation to make in a given environment. For instance, we know that the physical elements and acidity levels have an impact on the durability of installations. Therefore, we have developed a customized approach that seeks to counter challenges such as corrosion and environmental salinity. We have track experience in providing pool heating installations. Our pool heating techniques ensure that your pool stays warm for a long time.

Products and Services

We provide top notch solar products that feature cutting edge solar technologies. The fact that we have long standing experience is a resource that has not only allowed us to lead in solar installation innovations but fit such products and services to the needs of our clients.

Our Prices

Click the Map to Find a Solar Neighbor Near You!

Click the Map to Find a Solar Neighbor Near You!

We offer solar installations at market friendly prices. We focus on service and quality. We have always put the element of satisfaction at the fore of our product and service delivery. If you need reliable solar installations for your home or commercial premises, Tustin Solar is your best bet. Out track record speaks for us. It takes a trusted solar service entity to outlive so many others and sparkle with so much acknowledgement and cues of satisfaction from clients we have served. You only need to have a glimpse at the feedback we get on our site to get to grips with the ratings our clients have given us.

Contracting our services is engaging the expertise of a company that has carefully assembled a rich body of solar installation knowledge and skills for over 40 years.