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As a city, Westminster is certified as a Platinum level Solar Friendly Community. Thanks to the partnership that exists between the solar industry and the local government. Westminster Solar is one of the top companies that have tirelessly worked with the community and the local government to ensure that the residents are served and enjoy the full benefits of the clean solar energy.

Westminster Solar PanelWestminster Solar experts pride themselves in serving the communities around Jefferson and Adams areas. They also serve clients from Lake Abor Golf club, to Sherrellwood all the way to Bloomfield.  They are reliable and offer up to date solar solutions for businesses and homeowners. The experts   focus on providing reliable solutions to homeowners and businesses across the city.

Westminster Solar has a team of specialists who have served and offered services in this area for many years.  They install solar energy systems, check and repair the already installed systems and carry out regular maintenance. They consider your budget and give you a quote before they start working.

When it comes to offering services, they understand that superior customer services and maintaining a good relationship with clients is important. The experts will work with you throughout the entire period to ensure that the installation process goes on smoothly and the final outcome exceeds expectations.

When you engage the experts, they use the solar knowledge and expertise they have gathered for many years to offer efficient services using reliable products. As a company, the policy is to offer the best workmanship using the best products available on the market.  If you have never used solar power before, the experts will ensure a seamless transition to the clean and renewable solar energy.

Why Choose Westminster Solar Experts


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We are a company that hires only top technicians. All the technicians are vetted so as to establish their competencies before they can be assigned any task. Their level of competence, experience and the expertise are key factors that they must possess and demonstrate before they are assigned any task. Generally:

  • We have one hundred percent safety record
  • Are verified and certified to install panels in Westminster area.
  • We are committed at ensuring that our clients receive the best services ever.

We have a long list of customers we have served in this area. We allow all our clients access the list and confirm from the horse’s mouth about the quality of work we offer. Call us now for more details.